Services I Provide

Graphic Design

With over 10 years experience, I've been providing clients with high-end design solutions for all kinds of needs.

Website Development

Creating simple yet effective web solutions that are flexible and easy to use. Built with the most modern coding and mobile user experience.


Creating fun and engaging content keeps the student entertained while they learn.

Corporate Identity

Giving customers' companies instant credibility in the professional world, with an easy to identify icon that connects the dots between consumers and customers.

Motion Graphics

Setting life in motion that tells a story to music and voice-over.

Social Media

Identifying the clients unique market niche and create media to promote them.

My Work

My skills

Photoshop 90%
Flash 80%
Wordpress 75%
Dreamweaver 70%
Captivate 70%
InDesign 70%
After Effects 65%
Illustrator 60%

About Me

profileOver my career I’ve had the privilege to work with clients of all types. This includes creating top-notch corporate identities for start up companies which gives them instant credibility as well as designing and animating hundreds of e-Learning courses at Mercedes-Benz. I’ve also had the opportunity to design for other Fortune 500 companies such as Lego,Nickelodeon and the YMCA. Through work with these clients, I have gained a diverse skill set and have extensive experience producing media in all forms. In each of these experiences I’ve managed various responsibilities including, designer, animator, clothing creator, copywriter, video producer, audio editor, and web developer.  

My love for design began when I was a kid and I took classes through community programs and private lessons. I was always intrigued by urban street art and graffiti so I knew that creating traditional art wasn’t the path for me. It wasn’t until high school that I took my love for art, mixed media and technology and combined them. My senior year I took a collaboration style tech class in graphic design and during this experience I knew that graphic design was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Today, I’ve got 15 years under my belt and I’m excited to branch out and get involved with new creative people and products.



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